Breast lifting

Breast Lifting non surgical

Shape of the breast can be affected due to weight loss, post pregnancy and gravity. This can be corrected by breast uplift surgery by giving a new younger and rejuvenated appearance to breast by reshaping and repositioning.

Procedure will remove excess skin from around and below the breast to create an uplifted effect and the nipple and areola will be moved higher to create a more firm breast. Results are visible immediately and will continue to improve in the weeks following your procedure.

breast lifting solution

What is a Breas-t Lift Surgery?
A breas-t lift is an aesthetic surgery to raise boobs by removing extra breas-t skin, tightening tissues, reshaping, raising areola area to forward position and make upper portion fuller. It is also termed as mastopexy. It is done to give breas-ts a more buoyant, perkier, firmer and youthful appearance. It restores feminine proportion. After a breas-t lift surgery, your boobs will look more round. This procedure also reduces large and stretched areola.

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