Skin brightening

Skin brightening

There are several ways of skin lightening, starting from chemical peels, stem cell repair, peptide infusion, to injectables to simple better eating habits and milds skin lightening natural agents or aroma therapy.. its all a combination of allopathy and naturopathy and the outcome is always varied with your body response and simple sun protection. But ultimately its your decision of what ways you wish to opt to lighten your skin, or make it glowing or hydrated and to help you reach your goal we are here to hand hold you though the journey with our most educated and experienced team of specialist… and yes it is safe.

Sad about your skin color darkening due to aging or just want to get a new look and complexion for the coming up event in life or modelling assignment. Now you don’t have to travel to USA, Korea for revolutionary treatments that Bollywood heroines like Kajol, Shilpa Shetty, MOuni roy, Deepika get done. FDA approved procedure and products for Skin whitening and anti aging with Glutathione, Vit C and Collagen, Placenta is now here at Nikky bawa medi salon to address your cosmetic issues. Yes its safe and boosts immunity.

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