Hair Keratin and Rebounding

Some people are not happy with the dryness, frizziness and breakage of their hair.  And even unable to manage the hair While, some have perfectly smooth and silky hair. Over time, the beauty industry has developed and experimented with many hair products and hair treatments and keratin treatment is one of them. For someone who is scrambling with any type of hair problem and looking forward to “good silky and shiny hair” then this treatment is perfect for them.

And now, we bring you the best keratin treatment in Bhopal to give you frizz free hair. Keratin treatment  works to figure out with the frizz of your hair and Keratin/ Cyctiene/ Elastin help to change your dull hair into soft, smooth and gorgeous and Make your hair all time ready.

Everyone has desire to have beautiful long shiny, oleaginous hair and in the search of good hair they use different product, do treatments which sometimes damages the hair, We at Nikky bawa use high quality FDA approved, Formal DE Hyde free Ketratin/ Cyctiene/ Elastin. The choice of product to be used is done only after  pay close attention to the hair of our clients to ensure that there is no impairment to the hair and keeping their hair beautiful in a healthy way

Healthy salubrious looking hair is a indication of perfect health and appropriate hair-care practices. We at Nikky bawa salon understand your requirements to have long, blazing and divine hair and work accordingly. Nikky bawa salon have proficient and experienced staff that are earnest to attend you and to provide you best keratin treatment. They enjoy giving you nice looking and frizz free hair. Working on hair is our enthusiasm and it shows on our every client that walks out of our salon doors.

Aesthetica or Nikky Bawa Medi salon is a concept where we have brought together all of your Aesthetic Beauty needs under the same roof. Be it hair regrowth treatment to tummy tuck to makeup to hair extensions or styling we have got it all for you right here. Our Team of Extremely Qualified doctors Have studied and Worked in South Korea and Paris with the pioneers of Aesthetic Beauty Industry. Our Hair Stylists have been educated with Loreal up to their highest standards or as they call it the Loreal Passport Level. We have years of Cumulative experience and ANY TREATMENT that’s effective, trending and available anywhere in the world..We have got it all for you right here in the Center of India, The city of Bhopal.

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